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MK Forwarding | transport just in time 

We are a rapidly growing company providing services in Transport, Forwarding and Logistics.

We mostly focus on European Union countries. We are fully professional, diligent and we are always on time. 


We specialize and focus on transport between the following countries:
flaga-polski Poland flaga-litwy Lithuania flaga-niemiec Germany flaga-rosji Russia  flaga-holandii the Netherlands
 flaga-bialorusi Belarus  flaga-luksemburga Luxemburg  flaga-ukrainy Ukraine  flaga-francji France  flaga-wloch Italy
 flaga-turcji Turkey  flaga-hiszpanii Spain  flaga-grecji Greece  flaga-portugalii Portugal  flaga-belgii Belgium
We treat all our customers individually, offering the solutions that meet their needs and expectations. To provide the highest quality of our transportation and forwarding services, we offer various types of trucks which helps us deliver goods of different types.
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We assure you that if you choose our services, you will be supported by our professional and qualified staff and you will be offered the best solutions to each and every challenge connected with forwarding, transportation and warehousing goods. To get more information about us, please fill in the form or go to Contact Us.